the ultimate girl cave room transformation!

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Haley Pham

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everyday you just gotta take one more step towards becoming something you want to be. what do I want? to be Joanna Gaines 😌
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Annelise YT
Annelise YT 3 päeva tagasi
I am very much not girly but I still enjoy watching her vids
Adorned in Armor
Adorned in Armor 3 päeva tagasi
*yessss God is good!*
Millie 4 päeva tagasi
Signs wonky!
tal 24 päeva tagasi
am i the only one who realized that haley has not mentioned BLM one time? silence is violence so like…
tal 22 päeva tagasi
opal well that’s not good. i mean cool whatever have your own opinions but like...
opal 23 päeva tagasi
she probably doesn’t support it tbh
Elise_105. 25 päeva tagasi
God is so good! :D
FranzHuber23 26 päeva tagasi
Hey Haleypops 😅
Tanroop Virk
Tanroop Virk 27 päeva tagasi
Haley: sings Hamilton Me: YESSSS MEE. also I've been a huge hammie fan for a long time ( one year+) and seeing my favorite EEpostrs sing it makes me soooo happy
B Ben
B Ben 28 päeva tagasi
put a gamer set up in the room
cjfortay Місяць tagasi
I painted my room like a week ago lol
Lea Valaitis
Lea Valaitis Місяць tagasi
As an interior designer, there is a difference between being an interior decorator (requires no school) and an interior designer (or interior architect that takes 4+ years of school).
Nikki Fina
Nikki Fina Місяць tagasi
its time to ditch the chair
Jos Miriam
Jos Miriam Місяць tagasi
Ohhhh my gosh this video is soooo good
Charlie Thompson
Charlie Thompson Місяць tagasi
so i noticed that you had led lights in the closet and i think that that would he fun to hang so you could change the rooms color
itsariii Місяць tagasi
I love when Haley randomly starts singing Hamilton!
Tia Duran
Tia Duran Місяць tagasi
I think the reason that painting the wall took so long because of the wallpaper because I painted my entire room in three days with just me and my mom.
Elisabeth Sofie Solbakken
Elisabeth Sofie Solbakken Місяць tagasi
where is the blue sweatshirt from????
Del Місяць tagasi
Need to know where that office chair is from, love it haha
Lilyana Wheeler
Lilyana Wheeler Місяць tagasi
I feel like no one is talk ya out this but that slight moment when she sung Hamilton I freaked out. She did an amazing job (singing) and in the new podcast room!
avoduck 157
avoduck 157 Місяць tagasi
Anyone can be an interior decorator! But an interior designer can only be someone who’s gone through all the education girl, love the series tho 💕
Kookie Kaykay6
Kookie Kaykay6 Місяць tagasi
If you are Christian and are doing or looking into manifestation I would advise you to watch this video
Olivia Leilani
Olivia Leilani Місяць tagasi
When she was signing Hamilton I almost fell over and died!!! To be honest she is the last person I would think to sign Ham
ItsCarolynnn Місяць tagasi
miss this is dope.
Bonnie van der Veer
Bonnie van der Veer Місяць tagasi
the wall took so long to paint because it's bigger than all 4 walls in my room combined
Sophie Janne
Sophie Janne Місяць tagasi
Shes rlly good at interior designing
sherlock Місяць tagasi
the ultimate clever girl room transformation- lol i can't read
Hannah Місяць tagasi
You should do a behind the scenes of filming your EEpost videos.
Hannah Місяць tagasi
Will you please do a video of how you edit your videos?
Hannah Місяць tagasi
Haley, you should do a behind the scenes of filming/recording a podcast episode. I guess that's technically a vlog so you may put it on your vlog channel but it would be cool to see how you do it especially with the new setup!!
Liyaz Місяць tagasi
omg im in love w the pink marbled tie dye hoodie that was in the washroom!!
Creative shapes and colours
Creative shapes and colours Місяць tagasi
Dear I love and support you. Please do same.
Rxoses :D
Rxoses :D Місяць tagasi
bro istg these vlogs are frickin addicting, keep up the EEpost grind Haley 🥰🥰
lol.val25girl Місяць tagasi
Her nails in the intro thing, flawless
Chloe's Crazy Life
Chloe's Crazy Life Місяць tagasi
So cute!!
Jack Forsberg
Jack Forsberg Місяць tagasi
You should put your podcast on EEpost and Spotify
Tiffany N
Tiffany N Місяць tagasi
i want a girl cave in my future house sooo bad 😍
cloud Місяць tagasi
me jamming with her when she was singing hamilton
Sarah Mietus
Sarah Mietus Місяць tagasi
Haley the builder can she build it
Sarah McDowell
Sarah McDowell Місяць tagasi
Hey Haley! Lovin the summer vids, keep up the good work. uwu Have you and Ryan ever thought about doing testimonial videos? Sort of explaining where you used to be and now? You mentioned in in the Traypham Q&A a few weeks ago, just seeing yourself grow up through videos you've made etc. I feel like it would be a really cool peak into God's hand in both of your lives and seeing how He has led you through so many seasons!! Also we'd love to see makeup mondays! I def will buy products you are sponsored by or promote. I've already tried Ordinary, and I'm going to try Rael next! xxx
the edit aesthetic
the edit aesthetic Місяць tagasi
god you and lilly go so well with each other i'm so glad you guys became best friends!!
the edit aesthetic
the edit aesthetic Місяць tagasi
omg the description HAHAHA
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